About Valley FM
Lake Forbes
We call ourselves "Valley FM". Some people ask why Forbes and Parkes Community Radio? The
reason is that our licence is for a public broadcasting licence to service the area of Forbes,
Parkes and districts. Our districts include many other towns and shire areas such as Condobolin,
Eugowra, Bogan Gate, Trundle, Tullamore, Tottenham, Peak Hill, Alectown, Bedgerabong etc.
These Licences are very difficult to obtain and we are governed by very strict guidelines from the
Australian Broadcasting Authority in regard to sponsorships, it's not called advertising as in
commercial radio. Our income comes from sponsorships from businesses etc. also raffles and
fees collected from volunteering to collect entrance fees at sporting venues etc. We are not here
to compete with the local commercial stations; we are here to provide public access radio and an
alternative program for district residents and in our case mainly older style and easy listening
music. The station is run completely by volunteers, not one single person gets paid. We have
around 30 announcers doing some 100 hours a week voluntary service, also administration and
technical volunteers possibly doing another 100 hours a week behind the scenes. The station is
run by a committee of 9 people, all volunteers who meet monthly. All community service
announcements are broadcast completely free of charge. All district organizations and sports
clubs etc. are welcome to send us information of their upcoming and past events. Paid
sponsorships are broadcast at the time and frequency your business may require. Our prices for
these sponsorships are very reasonable. Many of our sponsors have been using our station to
market their services and merchandise for many years and are obviously pleased with the result
Our Committee
President    Greg Whitworth
Vice President Coral (B) Scifleet
Secretary    Jayne Whitworth
Treasurer    Joe Sydney
Co-ordinator  Kevin Dwyer
Assistant Co-ordinator
Gillian Taylor

Committee Members
John Berger, Bruce Proir,
Gill Taylor.

Public Officer Greg Whitworth

Awarded to Kevin Dwyer on 23rd April 2006

Awarded to Don McGuire on 23 Nov. 2012
Life Membership Honour Roll