Our Announcers
Kevin Dwyer

Catch Kevin at various times
with a great selection of music,
all easy on the ears. Behind the
scenes Kevin is busy keeping
our equipment up to date and
ensuring that the studio and
the transmitter at Mt
Coonambro are always
functioning to full capacity.
Neil Biddle

"Cruisin' on Monday", 10am-2pm
will keep you tapping your toes.
Neil loves a number of Australian
artists, especially those who
come from the central west of
NSW and keeps the program
moving for the full 4 hours.

Greg and Jayne present a magazine style program called Tuesday Night Mix filled
with a variety of music and talk and requests from our listeners. Every Tuesday
night from 6 to 10pm.
Jayne Whitworth
Greg Whitworth
Rod Brown

A rocker from the past, Rod
will rock you with classic
Rock 'n' Roll hits.
Cindy Mulligan

Cindy is in our office looking
after all the adminstration
needs of the station.
Bob Grant

Bob plays easy listening and
older style music fills in as
Joe Sydney

Joe does an easy listening Rock
program every Wednesday 12
noon to 2 pm also "Rock and
Soul" music every Thursday 12
noon to 2 pm
Dave Turner

Dave has been at 2LVR for
many years, He does the
Tuesday afternoon shift "Easy
Listening" from 2 till 6 pm...
He also does the Friday
afternoon shift from 3 till 6pm
"Country with a kick" and
enjoys playing new releases,
particulary from Aussie artists.
Dawn Parker

Make sure you tune in to "Easy Mix
Sunday" 12noon-4 pm for a fabulous
range of music from the 40's
through to 60's. Dawn also does
Tuesdays 10am to 2pm
Charmaine Pout

Wednesday breakfast "Another
Day in Paradise" from 7 am to
2pm and is having a break at

Carol Brit

Carol plays a great selection
of 60's and 70's music on
Thursdays breakfast 7am to
Ashlee Forsyth

Playes music from the 60's to the 90's
Sunday from 9am to 12 noon.
Robyn Coker

Robyn is another country music
fan and her popular Country
Music Breakfast program goes
to air on Tuesdays 7-10 am. A
mix of Irish and Australian
country music.
Mark Ranger

If you are looking for a fun
couple of hours on Saturdays
4-6 pm, then tune in to Mark's
"Saturday Drive" for a variety of
music, "Mum's Joke of the Week"
a "Useless Information segment"
and Mark's comments on the
sports from the previous week.
Bruce Prior

Bruce plays 50's, 60's, 70's
music on Sundays 4-8pm also
Monday 3-6pm
John Berger

John does Wednesday 6pm
to 10pm
classic 80's and sports news.
Wayne Rogers

An experienced radio
announcer Wayne does
Wednesday 2pm to 4pm.
Gillian Taylor

Saterday breakfast 7am to
10am and plays 60's 70's 80's
music. Also every Wednesday
10am to 12 noon.
Bob Sellars

Bob playes 60's 70's and 80's
music Wednesday and Friday
Breakfast 7am to 10am.
Sue Ranger

Sue alternates with Mark
Ranger Saterday arvo
drive time 4pm to 6pm
Bruce Runchel

Bruce looks after the design
and updates to our web site.
Mike Stead

Mike is an Experienced radio
announcer doing fill in slots
Ian Dollery

Ian is at present doing Monday
breakfast also "Fill In Spots".
He plays a great mix of music from
60's up to the present

Debbie Larkings

Debbie presents Thursdays 2pm till
6pm. Also Friday 12 to 3pm
Debbie has a very cheerful outlook
and plays 60's 70's and 80's music

Peter Moore

Peter is doing 10am to 12noon
Thursdays and plays an interesting
program of Easy listining and Show
James Whalan

James is one of our newest
presenters, he playes easy listining
fill in spots as well as his Sunday
night Christian music program.
Josh Gavin

Josh is our "go to computer
expert also edits and reads
the Forbes local news.
David Logan

David is doing fill in
programes at presant